All You Want To Know About

All You Want To Know About

Gemstones have been preferable since ancient days. Jewelry made of gemstones are remarkable for its beauty and elegant. These gemstone Jewelleries are varying from affordable to expensive ones. You can wear casually to special occasions.
        Gemstones are not only elegant and beautiful, Some gemstones have health benefits and healing properties. Each gemstones has its own benefits. It contains soothing energies which makes u fill with positivity. Each gemstones has different healing properties.

Let’s talk about the types of gemstones used in jewelry. Gemstones are two types one is precious gemstone and other one is semi - precious gemstones. We make Jewelries with both precious and semi-precious stones.
       Only four stones are considered as precious stones which are diamond, emerald, sapphire, and ruby. Opals are sometimes called as precious stones. And all other gemstones are semi-precious gemstones.


Precious stones also known as precious gemstones are familiar for its beauty, rareness, hardness and its vibrant colour. Precious stone are natural minerals which is polished and cut to use in jewelry. Polishing is the process which is used to give shine, extraordinary clarity and colour for the gemstone. These precious stones are rare which makes them the most expensive.

     The other gemstones which are not in those four are semi-precious stones. Amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, spinel, peridot, quartz, tanzanite, tourmaline, zircon, moonstone and pearls are some of the semi-precious stones. Rareness is the only difference between them. Some semi-precious stones are worth much more than precious stones in today’s world. We precisely source the gemstone for their quality to assure you receive the best quality stones.



All precious and semi-precious stones are hard by nature. Although, the degree of hardness differs for each other. To give an example, diamonds are the hardest than any other gemstones followed by ruby, emerald, sapphires, aquamarine comes next. If you store all of them together in same box it may cause further damage to your gem. So, you can store them in jewellery pouch or jewellery box with fabric lining for longer period.


        There are numerous ways in which your gemstone can be set into your jewellery. Some common and popular settings are prong, bezel, channel and tension.


Prong Setting:

        Prong or claw setting is familiar to everyone, because it is commonly used in engagement ring. The prong setting consists of various claws, the four and six prongs are popular among them. It works on variety of shapes and styles.      The gemstone or diamond set at the centre and little prongs holds around them. This mounting style uses the minimal amount of metal, which allows more lights to pass through a diamond or gemstone.


Bezel Setting:

     Are you familiar with bezel setting? Yes, the bezel setting is the oldest stone setting style which is commonly used in ancient times. This setting has simple and sleek design. This is the safest setting for gemstone and diamond in which the metal surrounds and holds the centre stone in place which are incredibly secure.


Channel Setting:

   Channel setting rings are popularly used for engagements. It is paved in a row of small diamonds within a channel or groove in the band so, the gems are bordered by two bands or rows of metal. Because of the secureness of the design, stones don’t need prongs to hold the gems in place. Princess cut stones or diamonds are commonly used in channel setting.

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