Colors of Spinel gemstone

Colors of Spinel gemstone

Christmas is here and all of you would like to gift your loved one’s something special. Here it comes in our website with amazing spinel gemstones with different colors which you can turn into an amazing jewelry to gift your beloved ones. Let me help you to know the variety of spinel gemstones and their benefits.


Spinel is one of the rare and most populous gemstones which is loved by most of the gem buyer.  The name “spinel” drive from the Latin word “spinella” means spine or it refers to the pointed crystals.  It mainly found in Burma, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Srilanka, Vietnam and Madagascar.  It has a hardness of about 8 on the moh’s scale which is used for measuring the hardness of the gemstone.  Spinel shares the birthstone of august along with peridot.

Colors of spinel:

When it comes to the color of the spinel, it varies from very light pastel to deep colors in all shades of red, orange, purple, pink, blue and even black.  Let us see few of them.

Blue spinel:

Blue spinel also called as cobalt blue spinel is one of the rarest and special gemstones.  The interns blue color of gemstone is caused by the impurity of cobalt present in its crystal.  Sometimes spinel appears in dark blue color which is caused by the high amount of iron content in it. The beautiful blue color of the spinel can be viewed well in the day light. Mostly all the gems look more pretty in the sunlight. Blue spinel makes a good market value when it has less inclusion or free from inclusion. It helps in detoxify the body and makes you purified when you worn it. It has a unique characteristic of turning to red color when it is viewed through Chelsea filter.

Black spinel:

Black spinel is formed by the metamorphic activity in which dolomites or lime stone combined with molten rock. It is mainly mined from the ancient sites of Thailand, Srilanka and Cambodia. It makes a wonderful jewelry when fixed with all ornaments like necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. It helps the wearer to fight against the negative energy arounds them. Eye catching black spinel ornaments are very rare and makes you outstanding at all occasions. Black spinel’s are often used as an alternative for black diamonds but differs in the hardness of the gemstones. If the gemstone doesn’t have any fracture in it, both steam and ultrasonic cleaner are safe. But cleaning the gemstone with mild soapy water is more than enough.

Red spinel:

Red spinel is the most valuable and precious variety which is deeper red in color which makes them stand unique. It is also the rarest one among all the gemstone sometimes transparent red spinel’s are also called as spinel rubies or Balas rubies, named after Balascia, a region in northern India where it is found first. It is also used as the alternative for rubies in history all the rubies where misunderstood as rubies. It is found in the alluvial deposits of Thailand, Srilanka, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. Pendants and rings setting with red spinel and diamonds will be more gorgeous to wear for any kind of occasions.  It helps in healing the eye related problems and improves the blood circulation. It also creates a stability and balance in the wearer life.

Purple spinel:

Thinking about the color of the gem itself more appetizing right. Yes, spinel occurs in different shades of purple from light pastel color to dark purple color. Purple gemstone makes a beautiful jewelry when it is fixed with white diamonds. It will be more apt for your wedding ring. You can also gift your valentines this wonderful purple gemstone ring or pendant and amaze them.

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