How to take care of your gemstones?

How to take care of your gemstones?

Pretty gemstones are enchanting and engrossing the people throughout the year.  The beauty of the gemstone is enhanced by its varied color, shape, clarity and brilliance.  It may get ruptured or fractured when not handling in the way it needs to be. So, maintaining the beauty of your gems needs a certain handling tips. Here is a short and quick guide to take care of your gemstones.

How to clean your gemstone?

For cleaning your gemstone does not require any special equipment or appliances.  Just warm water and mild detergents is more than enough to clean them.  Rinse the gemstone in a bowl of warm water with mild detergent and wipe it off with soft lint- free cloth.  You can use a soft bristled brush to scrub the stone.  Rinsing in a bowl of water is always preferable as there is a risk of losing gems in the sink or basin hole.

Avoiding Chemicals

Chemicals like bleach, ammonia, chlorine or alcohol should not be used to clean your gemstone.  It may create a dull look or can damage the surface of the gemstone.  It is not recommended to use the ultrasonic cleaner to clean the gemstone as some gemstones are sensitive to them.

Storing of Gemstone

All gemstone does not have same amount of hardness, some may be very hard in nature but some of them are not.  Like, Diamonds are the hardest stones in the world while Peridot has only half of the diamonds hardness. So, storing your gemstones in jewelry box with lining of soft cloth is always advised.  A little scratch over the surface may diminish your gemstone looks.

Avoid Sunlight and Heat

Exposure to direct sunlight may fade the color of the gemstone.  Amethyst, smoky quartz and Citrine are more sensitive to the direct sunlight.  Extreme heat and temperature changes may cause cleavage in the gemstone surface.  So, avoiding direct sunlight and extreme heat is requested.

Final Tips:

Always carry your gemstone in a separate jewelry box wrapping with jewelry tissue.

Don’t mess your gemstone and gemstones jewelry with other tough and hard jewelry.

If you treat your gemstone with utmost care, it makes you to twinkle at every occasion.  Shine like a king or queen by purchasing at our store.

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